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Providing Excellence in Home Services

Our commitment to quality and service ensures satisfaction at the end of every project.

See the Unified Difference

We believe that excellence is in the details. Our
work reflects our attention to every detail.

Every member of the team matters in getting the job done, especially you.

At UNIFIED we offer our clients a single source solution for all of their property needs. What this means is we find, employ and manage the teams necessary to provide the proper care and improvement to your home. With streamlined communication, we offer you convenience and care to simplify your life.

A Success-Driven Process

Our process is customer centric. We realize that at the end of the day, it is all about your satisfaction and the end product. We strive to maximize your investment, reduce your stress, and exceed your expectations.

  • 1. Seek to Understand
  • 2. Make a Plan
  • 3. Follow Through
  • 4. Project Review

The Unified process is initiated through a comprehensive understanding of its customers. Why is the project happening? What are the lifestyle needs and design preferences? Unified seeks to apply home management and construction expertise by fully grasping and then creating the homeowner’s vision. This can only be done by asking the right questions and carefully listening to best understand your desires.  

Once information is gathered about the homeowner’s property and lifestyle needs, a construction roadmap is developed. This includes determining the scope of work in great detail, providing a quality cost estimate, and gathering the team necessary to accomplish the project. Upon contract signing, a schedule is prepared and next steps include permit acquisition and mobilization.

In the follow through step, preparation and plans are executed in a quality manner. We work with you to finalize the designs and make important decisions, down to the smallest detail of the home. All the while, our expert team guides you to ensure that the end result will reflect your ideal home. We understand that construction projects can be disruptive to your life, so we work diligently to stick to a schedule, stay within budget, and of course protect your asset. 

Unified places a high value on excellence and customer satisfaction and seeks to prioritize them through careful review. We will have internal reviews of each and every project, but we also highly value YOUR input. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your investment, the construction process, and the end result. Finally, Unified will return 11 months after completion to review how everything has settled and for any warranty work that may be needed.

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to quality service to ensure your happiness and comfort.


We don’t walk around tracking mud or neglecting little details on our own home and we promise the same quality for yours.


Honesty, integrity, and christian character are all you will get from us. We thrive in open, honest relationships with our customers.


Work should be fun and exciting! We promise to laugh a little (a lot) and enjoy the process as we serve you and your home.


We don’t stop at 99%. Every little detail matters to us and we promise to work until the project is complete.

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