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About Us

About Unified Custom Homes

The story of Unified Custom Homes begins more than 35 years ago, in the early 1980s. Charlie Boatright began working in construction with his father, who instilled in him a deep love for craftsman quality and a high value for integrity in all that he does. As Charlie progressed in his career he moved on to a high-end carpentry installation company, Craftsmanship Installations, where he excelled and moved up the ranks to eventually own and operate the company. Over the past decade, Charlie continued to grow Craftsmanship, building lasting trust with all of those around him, including his customers, employees, and friends in the community. This trust in Charlie led to a number of personal requests for his help on projects around the community, ranging from mid-sized commercial builds (churches, schools, etc.) down to a small repair on a friend’s house. Although this wasn’t Charlie’s primary business he was always happy to help. What Charlie continued to experience is the reality that people need someone they can trust.

Fast-forward to 2015, Charlie hired his son-in-law, Brendan Kirwan, to Craftsmanship Installations. After receiving his degree from UNC, Brendan gained experience in project management in the corporate world, then to move into operations management & estimation at Craftsmanship. Brendan, growing up on a horse farm in Bahama, NC has always had a fascination with building things and problem-solving. He took these desires and began to apply them to one of the most trusted millwork installation companies in the southeast: Craftsmanship.

After a few years of learning the business and honing his appreciation for sophisticated finishes, he and Charlie began dreaming of creating a full service general contracting company. This spark of a dream was fanned into flame by a good friend of Charlie’s, who had consistent construction needs around his property in Durham. One thing led to another, and Charlie and Brendan created Unified to take care of this friend’s property… which then turned into 4 properties. As they saw the potential for turning this fledgling business into something more, they reached out to Brendan’s best friend and college roommate, Tyler Tomasik.

Tyler graduated from UNC alongside Brendan and began working for a college ministry at UNC. He had a deep love for people and helping meet their needs. With this passion, Tyler wanted to work outside of the Church to bring value to a community and began work with a local premier home builder. He saw that the home was one of the most cherished places, and saw a great opportunity to serve people. After his time with the builder, he worked with a local company helping businesses meet personnel needs, continuing with his passion for serving the community. When Brendan and Charlie approached Tyler about joining forces with them and creating a company that brings outstanding value to every person it meets, he knew this was the team for him. Charlie, Brendan, and Tyler have a profound commitment to championing & leveraging the gifts of one another, and daily remembering the privilege to work with people you love. This love and care pours out to each of the people they connect with, whether they’re customers, clients, subcontractors, vendors, community partners, or anyone else. People are important to the mission of any company (heck, even for the mission of life) so working with good people and being good people to work with, is of vital importance to Unified.

At the heart of Unified are MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS, TRUST, and CRAFTSMAN QUALITY. We aim to meet each and every partner with the highest level of service because we know that construction, just like life, requires great teammates along the way.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Meet The Unified Team

Tyler Tomasik

CEO/ President

Tyler’s love for people and home helps create an atmosphere of family and enjoyment in every project.

Charlie Boatright

COO/ Vice President

Charlie has built Unified around lasting trust with all of those around him, including his customers, employees, and friends in the community.

Brendan Kirwan

CFO/ Vice President

Brendan’s experience in project management ensures we stay on budget and complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

The Unified Custom Home Promise & Mission

We simplify the homeownership experience for you.

At Unified Custom Homes, our mission is to glorify God by winning hearts in the home services and construction industry. We do this by:

  • Creating an environment of safety, hospitality, and trust
  • Maximizing time for every American homeowner
  • Operating with excellence in everything we do
  • Making the construction experience exciting
  • Connecting good people and great companies
  • Being the experts at complex projects
  • Following through all the time

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