Waterfront Refinishing


LocationWilmington, NC

Description of Problem:

Our client had recently bought a house on the sound in Wilmington to use as a second home and a place for family gatherings. The house had 3000 SF of cyprus T&G on the exterior porch ceilings, mahogany garage and front doors, and exterior ipe decking. The previous owner had all the items stained or refinished, but the wrong stain and top coat was used. This was causing mold to build up under the finish, items to fade at extremely different colors, or the wood to have a milky appearance. Our client wanted all the stained wood brought back to life!

Solutions We Provided:

We brought in our refinishing expert who has many years of experience working on high end woodwork. We stripped off the finish on the cyprus T&G and mahogany doors, cleaned the wood, brightened the finish on the wood, then applied the appropriate top coat. This got rid of the milky finish and the mold that was building up underneath causing discoloration. The ipe deck had a different issue. The deck had been stained then sealed. This was causing the wood to have extreme discolorations between the area that receives full sun, partial sun, and under the deck. The top coat that was sanded off and old stain removed. It was left this way so the wood would be able to “grey” as ipe is intended to do and have consistent coloring.

When we completed the refinishing work, they were so excited that they decided to redo the dock to match the deck. We had to remove old and rotted pine boards and replace with ipe. We also built new benches, added a speaker system, updated the fish cleaning station, and repaired the boat lift.